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Oasis Stress Management Program

Millie Grenough, Founder of the Oasis in the Overwhelm Stress Management Program

Our Exciting Announcement

“I realized I couldn’t do this by myself,
I needed a team.”

– Millie Grenough

Since 2005, Millie has trained a group of diverse, experienced professionals to help bring Oasis to the a wider audience. Graduates of Oasis Training Programs are credentialed Oasis Stress Experts, and they are ready to be of service to individuals and groups in the USA, Europe, Latin America and New Zealand.

Oasis in the Overwhelm is a Stress Management Program      

It offers simple and practical strategies to increase health and happiness.

The strategies take 60 seconds.
They immediately reduce toxic stress.
They increase positive energy, enhance focus and boost effectiveness.
They are science-based.

They work.

Find an Oasis Stress Expert to help address your unique situation today.

Upcoming Events

Lunch at the Oasis @ Zoom Virtual Event
Feb 3 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

To share and connect with our Oasis Authorized Trainers during quarterly meeting.

Oasis Executive Committee Meeting @ Zoom Virtual Event
Feb 8 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am

The Oasis Executive Committee meets on a regular basis to share and stay updated on the latest Stress Management Reduction Strategies with our members and community.

Oasis in the Overwhelm AOT Certification @ ID at Work Virtual Zoom Meeting Space
Feb 10 @ 5:30 pm – Apr 6 @ 7:30 pm

Join us for and earn your Oasis is the Overwhelm Authorized Oasis Trainer Certification with coach Jean Stetz-Puchalski MA-IO, CPC, PCC  of Individual Differences at Work and Oasis Founder Millie Grenough. Come away from the training days refreshed and renewed with 60-second strategies to help you manage stress and increase your focus, effectiveness, and happiness at work and life.  

This professional interactive certification program runs for 3 months. This certification offers an interactive blended learning experience for participants via Zoom platform with individualized and group learning, coaching, facilitation and instruction.  Limited space so please apply early. 

What You’ll Learn: Specific 60 Second Tools to transform your own health and happiness • Strategies you can easily share with clients and colleagues • Scintillating ways to utilize stress to enhance focus and effectiveness

What You’ll Get:  Individualized instruction and support from Certified OASIS Master Trainers • CCEs/CEUs/CCEUs. ICF members: 15.75 ICF CCEUs:  11 in Core Competencies, 4.75 in Resource Development. • Authorized OASIS Trainer certificate upon successful completion

Requirements: 16 hours of interactive training, arranged to give you time to learn, experience, and master the strategies + your presentation skills, successful completion of class work, strategy presentation/facilitation and final exam

When and Where: Amid concerns over the spread of Covid-19, we will be meeting virtually via the visual communication platform Zoom. The program scheduling is individualized by cohort. We kick off on February 10 at 5:30 pm Eastern time and then as a group will plan our schedule going forward.

Prerequisites: Facilitation and presentation experience a plus.

Tuition: $1250 – Includes all course work, one-on-one coaching with a certified ICF Coach, advising, and training support to help you meet and exceed certification requirements. Final Exam and certification certificate. You may qualify for discounted registration. Please Contact us today

Virtual Oasis Retreat: Winter Refresh! @ ID at Work Virtual Zoom Meeting Room Zoom Virtual Event
Feb 19 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

At Individual Differences at Work  our retreats, whether in person or via visual communication platform Zoom, offers the opportunity to connect to your calm with clarity and a path forward to balance amid the noise and confusion of today’s world.

As Covid-19 continues to redefine how we meet and learn together, we have expanded our retreat experience to include a non-contact connection at our Virtual Oasis Retreat: Winter Refresh! and  a return to in-person events with the Autumn Retreat: Breathe…cultivating calm, clarity and connection in your everyday! on October 1, 2021 at Mercy By The Sea in Madison, Connecticut.

Join us on February 19, 2021 to refresh and renew!  Join Coach Jean Stetz-Puchalski, MA-IO, PCC and Oasis Founder Millie Grenough on February 19th for a Virtual Oasis Retreat: Winter Refresh!  Experience 60-second Oasis strategies to help you manage stress and increase your resilience, focus, happiness, and ability to listen deeply to yourself and others.  Experience on-screen group work, time off screen for private time to connect to yourself and then break out groups for connection. In the end you will leave feeling revitalized, re-focused and more like yourself than you have possibly in years. Jean and Millie are right here to guide you through this beautiful day of transformation every step of the way.

Oasis Executive Committee Meeting @ Zoom Virtual Event
Mar 8 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am

The Oasis Executive Committee meets on a regular basis to share and stay updated on the latest Stress Management Reduction Strategies with our members and community.

“Profound and effective! These strategies are the perfect cure for our crazy-busy lives.”

— Mike Song, Co-author The Hamster Revolution: How to Manage Your Email Before It Manages You

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