What is Oasis?

A Stress Management Program that offers simple and practical strategies to increase health and happiness.

The strategies take 60 seconds.
They immediately reduce toxic stress.
They increase positive energy, enhance focus and boost effectiveness.
They are science-based.
They work.

Since 2005, Millie has trained a group of diverse, experienced professionals to help bring Oasis to the a wider audience. Graduates of Oasis Training Programs are credentialed Oasis Stress Experts, and they are ready to be of service to individuals and groups in the USA, Europe, Latin America and New Zealand.

When you take your Online Oasis Journey or after you finish it, you may want to collaborate with an Oasis Stress Expert to deepen your personal impact – or to bring it to your business or educational group.

Find an Oasis Stress Expert to help address your unique situation today.

“Oasis – what a whiff of fresh air!”

— D.Murali, The Hindu Business Line

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