Suzanne Dudley-Schon

Suzanne has been a coach, author, and speaker for over twelve years. Along with her private clients she is a coach with Upside Thinking. Developed from her training as a coach, her 200 hour yoga teacher training, reiki, and acting, her custom-tailored approach includes the use of science-based strategies, somatic work, and creative collaboration. From artists to stay-at-home moms to business leaders, Suzanne partners with clients so that they re-write their “stories” and experience freedom, joy, and success –as they define it. Oh, and sessions generally include some good laughs!

Wendy Perrotti

Wendy Perrotti is a Certified Professional Coach, speaker and leadership trainer with over 25 years of experience in helping individuals and groups nationwide to affect change in themselves and others.

Wendy believes anything is possible when you know what you want and “you’re all in” and she navigated her own successful reinvention when she realized her vision of success had nothing to do with the company she spent years building.

Combining her work and study in psychology, communications, and neuroscience with a passion for growth through exploration, humor, and creativity, Wendy’s easy demeanor and focused listening allow her clients to move past barriers and tap into insights, reach their goals and forge new paths.

Wendy’s podcast, A Glimpse Inside: Moving People from Stuck to Happy has a global monthly audience of a quarter million listeners

In addition to Live BIG, Wendy is the Co-Creator of Camp Reinvention™ as well as Co-Founder of The Energy Initiative, a neuroscience based executive coaching and leadership development firm.

She is a sought-after speaker and the author of the forthcoming book, BIG Love: 155 Ways to Light Up Your Life Right Now.

Millie Grenough

Millie’s passion?  Invite individuals and groups to live their lives with deeper clarity, confidence, and compassion.

Do you want greater clarity and focused energy for yourself or your group?

Explore Millie’s two key questions:  Who am I? and What am I here for? 

Whether you are an individual, a business or non-profit, an educational or health or religious group, a CEO/line worker/parent/therapist/coach/student, now is the time to get clear on: Why am I here on this planet? and How can I be my best self today?

Suzanne Rosenberg

With years of experience in the medical and mental health fields in a variety of organizations, I am committed to supporting both colleagues and clients in living their best lives possible through mindfulness and empowerment techniques. The OASIS techniques and underlying neuroscience are powerful tools to assist individuals and organizations cope more effectively with “what is” and experience greater joy and satisfaction on a day to day basis.

Gerardo Sorkin

With over 20 years of experience in psychotherapy and psycho-education, Gerardo brings a unique perspective to Oasis. He grew up in a small farming community in Argentina, and pursued Bachelors and Masters degrees in Psychology from the National University of Córdoba. After traveling the world for a few years, Gerardo decided to settle in New York City and earned a Masters degree in Social Work from Yeshiva University. Gerardo has worked in a multitude of communities, and has helped individuals, couples, families and groups in both Spanish and English.

In his free time, Gerardo likes to spend time with his 15-year old twins, Samuel and Clara. When he’s not biking around New Haven or barbecuing for his family, he can be found dancing Tango, an activity in which he has woven several Oasis stress-management techniques. As a father, psycho-therapist, and Oasis practitioner, he is ready to help all those who are overwhelmed find more effective ways of managing their stress.

Steve Porcaro

Create the Life & Business You Deserve!

I’m passionate about helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals, improve team results and create high-performers.

We live in a world where it is harder and harder to be heard. I founded SalesPlus MVP Coaching and Training to provide the education, tools and tactics to cut through the noise.

My mission is to empower growth, by not only giving you the tools and techniques to improve but also providing continued support to business owners, leaders, and sales professionals who are dedicated to helping organizations level up.

I use an assessment based approach that allows individuals and teams to better understand themselves and others. I speak frequenting on communication, stress reduction and teamwork to improve performance. My interactive presentations and workshops provide participants with information, skills and tools that can be used immediately.

As an executive coach, trainer, and inspirational speaker with over 25 years of experience, I’m the Past President of the Connecticut Chapter of the International Coach Federation, a Certified Master OASIS Trainer, and a DISC Behaviors Facilitator. ♦ ♦ 860.243.9757

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