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To start your search for an Oasis Stress Expert 

Working with the right Stress Expert can make all the difference in your ability to succeed in reaching your goals. Because a decision to retain a Stress Expert can be a significant investment of time and money, it is important for you to find the right professional with the right experience and training to work with you and your team.

1. Carefully consider the criteria (areas of specialty, background, experiences, training) that you both want and need in your Stress Expert.

2. Review their profiles to learn more about the background, training, experience, and areas of expertise of  several stress experts.

What kinds of Oasis Stress Experts are there?

Our Stress Experts fall into two categories:

A Certified Master Oasis Trainer (CMOT) is an experienced Authorized Oasis Trainer (AOT) who has successfully completed additional Advanced Training in which she/he;

  • Made an in-depth study and is required to stay current with latest findings of neuroscience, positive psychology, and health
  • Demonstrated awareness of current stressors and their impact on the emotional/intellectual/physical/spiritual well-being of individuals and groups, businesses, educational systems, health and non-profit organizations
  • Ability to demonstrate “bottom-line” effectiveness of Oasis Philosophy and Strategies to manage stress positively in personal and professional life
  • Produced videos and other teaching materials to target specific needs / groups
  • Honed ability to bring Oasis to the world with confidence and clarity
  • Became certified to conduct Authorized Oasis Trainings and grant CCEs through the Oasis Organization

An Authorized Oasis Trainer (AOT) has completed an intensive training* in which she/he:

  • Learned the Oasis Philosophy and Strategies in depth
  • Deepened their own personal experience using the Strategies
  • Re-wired their own brain towards improved health and happiness
  • Demonstrated methods for sharing the re-wiring and Oasis Strategies with others
  • Passed comprehensive written and oral exams

How to Use the Oasis Stress Expert Directory

There are five options to search for Stress Experts using this website. You may use one or more of the following to find the best professional to meet your needs.

  1. Keyword Search:  Use specific criteria such as first or last name, specialty area, or biography keyword.
  2. Stress Expert Credentials: Choose the credential level desired.
  3. Services: Select the types of services that will best fill your needs. (Coach, speaker, workshop, consultant, etc.)
  4. Language: Choose language needed.
  5. Areas of Specialty: Choose the one that best describes your current challenge.

Start your search: Oasis Stress Expert Directory