Anne-Marie Knight

Position: Stress Expert - SHINE! Consulting and Training LLC, Co-founder of Hope and Healing Homes, Inc., and Director, The Black Business Alliance


Born For This! The Journey to Success in Life, Love and Business.


Anne-Marie Knight is the Chief Strategy Officer of SHINE! Consulting and Training, LLC and is the director of The Black Business Alliance an organization that educates, empowers and grows black-owned businesses across the state of Connecticut. 

Now, more than ever, there is a need to have challenging conversations about race, hate and equity….moving forward toward meaningful action. Anne-Marie feels that her most important work, besides raising her children, is helping others make deep transformational change. She is a stress expert, a Diversity and Inclusion specialist, and has facilitated diversity trainings and assembly programs for the past 18 years, impacting thousands of students, faculty, law enforcement, organizations, and businesses throughout the Northeast. She weaves her engineering mindset and mindfulness techniques into every training – creating custom-designed, interactive, practical programs. 

Anne-Marie is a 4th generation entrepreneur and is also known for her glamorous cupcakes.